Automotive Refinish

Our Services

ALPS Coating supplies high quality coating products across Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, China, India and Middle East. To support our products, we provide technical training and support services to customers at ALPS Training Centres.


One located in Malaysia while the other in Bahrain, our training centres are furnished with excellent facilities, which include a conference room, a fully extracted spray booth and a colour mixing room, for customers to learn in a comfortable and well-equipped environment. It caters both theoretical and practical courses. Customers can also choose the different levels of mastery that suit their needs, ranging from the basic workshops to the advanced workmanship training. To offer greater convenience and flexibility, training can be provided on-site.

Training Programmes Offered

  • Product Training

  • Colour matching Course

  • Spraying Technique

  • Troubleshooting / Error Guide

ALPS Technical Training Centres


Bahrain (Middle East)